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Switch to electronic prescriptions and get a 2% bonus this year and next.

There’s still time to make the switch to electronic prescriptions and take advantage of the 2% Medicare bonus for 2009 and 2010. The sole prerequisite is using an electronic PC-based system and sending in 50% of this year’s prescriptions to the pharmacy electronically.

What makes e-prescribing so great? Speed, accuracy, and reduced adverse drug events.

The Center for Information Technology Leadership notes that the almost 9 million annual adverse drug reactions in ambulatory care could be reduced by 33% by making the change to electronic prescribing.



QMS e-Prescribe is a standalone system that promises:

• Increased patient safety through improved medication management, decision support and patient data security

• Near instant electronic renewal requests

• Savings in paper, printing, and payroll

• More staff time you can devote to patient care; supports individual patient formularies

QMS e-Prescribe streamlines office workflow and can help minimize or avoid drug to drug interactions, allergy concerns and comply with payer drug restrictions.

*For 2011 and 2012, the bonus is 1% and for 2013, the bonus is .5%


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